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I have spent close to two decades of my life designing and conducting training programs. I think I can go on doing this forever. In training, you give of yourself and your talent and the reward of recognition, fulfillment and learning is instant, just like instant coffee steaming hot and perfectly blended. One time, I shared with a friend that I can die with my "training boots on". 

Could it be because I have the genes? Both my parents were educators. My memorable role models were teachers. Or is it part of God's design of love for my life because it speaks of service? I took up journalism at UST, worked writing feature articles, had a stint as radio producer announcer and as television producer. 

Then one day, my favorite boss and mentor, the late Greg Cendana, calls me to his office to say I was moving to the Training Section as training officer. I  was delighted finally I can work regular hours. After 6 months in the post, I was informed I was going on a scholarship grant to the United States. I took up short courses in Communications Planning and Programming at the University of Chicago, Interpersonal Communications and Team Building at the Michigan State University and Audio-Visual Production at Indiana State University. My exposure to a variety of training methodologies warmed my creative heart.

Going back to the country, I applied my new found skills and craft trying to turn my practice into art. Then moving to the private sector, as Organization Development Consultant at San Miguel Corporation (SMC), I discovered a wide laboratory amongst the different divisions and plants, expanding my exposure from training to organization development. Leaving SMC as Manager of the Organization Development Consulting Team, I moved on to Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) as Assistant Vice President and Head of the BPI Training and Development Center. Here I developed the leadership and management development curriculum and programs, created a technical trainers pool of experts, and handled the succession process. 

After being promoted as Vice President for Public Relations, I was sent on a Masters in Management scholarship at the Asian Institute of Management. It awakened the entrepreneur in me. After teaching at AIM for two years, I founded Ancilla, the training and consulting company, now 22 years old.

Why write a blog? Because my learning about training continues. I want to share my love for training with more readers and interact actively with them. Today I connect with many readers through my regular column L-earning Moments  in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

I think I will post in my blog the active learning I get from training workshops I conduct. I also want to pickup some useful thoughts and tips coming from my clients that I visit. I can do summaries of interesting books or materials. Or do a critique of workshops or learning sessions that I attend. Or recommend training venues that provide excellent facilities and service.

In this new adventure (learning from Wina, my daughter) I partner with Nina, my competent Executive Assistant as we bring you conversations on training.

Looking forward to truly rich and uplifting training talks.

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